How to build a cool kids loft

If you have some extra space at home, you can get mom or dad ( usually dad ) to build you a cool, little loft.  The cost of the loft pictured here was done for under $50.00 and used a few left over items laying around in the garage.  IMG_4009This loft was built for our 4 year old, but we founf Annabelle making here marry way to the top, IMG_4023whenever we tunred our backs to her.  Its still a little tricky for Annabelle to find her way down.  The first photo shows four pieces of 2x4 being bolted to the wall.  These 2x4's will have cross members in between and it will hold the floor.  Be sure to get the bolts holding the 2x4's into some studs, not just drywall.  Once this frame was done, it was strong enough to hold me.  After the frame is in the space, some plywood is put on top.  After covering surface with plywood, I found some super nice hardwood flooring for $10.00 at local discount store. IMG_4038 It makes a great surface.  Nicer than my floors.  After the flooring was cut to fit, I made a cool railing with left over patio railing parts and some nice cedar.  I then screwed it down, and to the wall and eventually to the ladder.  Some nice white trim for a few bucks at Home Depot makes a nice front trim and getting closer to being done.


This can be done as a weekend project. IMG_4045 Next comes a ladder made of cedar 1 x 4 and steps just screwed into the side.  The wood for the ladder cost about 10 -  15 dollars at Home Depot.  If its strong enough to hold me, its strong enough for the kids.  If anyone needs help or has any questions, or wants me to build you one of these ( in the Vancouver area ) email us at